Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ETL Tools

Hereunder a list of ETL Tools

No. List of ETL Tools Version ETL Vendors
1.Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)11gR1Oracle
2.Data ServicesXI 4.0SAP Business Objects Newest version examined
3.IBM Information Server (Datastage)8.1IBM
4.SAS Data Integration Studio4.4SAS Institute Newest version examined
5.PowerCenter Informatica9.5Informatica Newest version examined
6.Elixir Repertoire7.2.2Elixir
7.Data Migrator7.7Information Builders Newest version examined
8.SQL Server Integration Services10Microsoft
9.Talend Studio for Data Integration5.2Talend
10.DataFlow Manager6.5Pitney Bowes Business Insight
11.Pervasive Data Integrator10.0Pervasive Software
12.Open Text Integration Center7.1Open Text
13.Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Newest version examined
14.Data Manager/Decision Stream8.2IBM (Cognos)
15.Clover ETL3.1.2Javlin
16.Centerprise5.0Astera  Newest version examined
17.DB2 Infosphere Warehouse Edition9.1IBM
18.Pentaho Data Integration4.1Pentaho
19Adeptia Integration Suite5.1Adeptia
20.DMExpress5.5Syncsort Newest version examined
21.Expressor Data Integration3.7QlikTech Newest version examined

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  1. I don't see Boeing's TwisterDataFramework. It is used extensively in the US Government and I thought it would be reviewed here.